Returning from San Lucas by Land

Sign in Agua EscondidaI went to San Lucas this morning by boat to run some errands. Rather than return by boat I decided to take the “land route”. I did this once before with Rocio but this time I was alone. You can either do it using a pickup or van from San Lucas to Agua Escondida and then a pickup to San Antonio or walk the second part. Today, I decided to walk.

Step one is to find a pickup or van that is going from San Lucas to Godinez. Not hard. They leave from a place about a block south and a block west of the central park and then go down an assortment of streets before leaving the central area. Ask someone where they leave from or head to the cemetary as they turn left right in front of it.

Your destination is the sign you see above. It is in Agua Escondida. Beyond the center of the town but just tell the driver you want the road to San Antonio Palopó. It will cost Q4. Sometimes it is a pickup but today I lucked out and it was a nice mini-van.Beginning of the Road

If you want a ride just wait by the sign for a pickup. If you decide to walk, you might want to grab something to drink at the tienda across the street. It’s four kilometers to Casa Colonial from the sign, virtually all down hill.

When you start down the road it looks level but quickly starts to go down the hill. There are also a few houses right at the beginning but they quickly become pretty sparse until you get close to San Antonio.

Views from Agua Escondida RoadThere will be many nice views as you continue down the road. Most of it is unpaved with a couple of exceptions. The pavement is in locations where it would be hard to make it up the road in car over rocks and dirt. If walking, be careful as there are places that are steep and can be slippery. Last time, Rocio fell down. This time, I did and my hurting left ankle supports that conclusion.

About Half WayAbout half way along you will start to see houses down by the water — and more nice views. I year or so ago I looked at some land along the road near the houses you see in the picture at the right. It was pretty inexpensive but all the land below it was private. In other words, unlike Casa Colonial where there is a public dock down the steps from us, there was no lake access.

1km from homeThis photo was taken about one kilometer from Casa Colonial along one section of road that goes a bit uphill. All in all, a nice walk.


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  1. It is except for when I slipped on some gravel. It is mostly downhill and the uphill parts are not steep.

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