Road Update, Dinner Update

The road has clearly hurt our business a lot but it is almost done. What is being said is “before Christmas” and that looks pretty likely.

This is, of course, good news for you as our bookings have been down because of this. We have rooms available every night. The studio apartment is currently rented until 12 Jan and then again in late January but at least one other room is available each night.

We have had a guest here for a week now who said “dinner every night”. Rocio has been sick part of that time so “Papa Phil” has been the cook. I am almost vegetarian (I do eat fish) and our guest has been very open to whatever I wanted to make. So, some fish but a lot of vegetarian meals and even a couple of vegan ones.

He has been happy with what I have made (the vegan, noodle-free lasagna worried me a bit but it actually came out well) and I I will continue testing my creativity. (When the rest of his family gets here on the 24th I may have to get more approvals.)

In any case, what evolved out of this is that meals have become family style. Not a requirement but it just sorta worked. It has made it easy for a guest to “have seconds”. 🙂