San Antonio Festival

It started on Saturday. Today is the last day. And, yes, Guatemalans love fireworks. Big ones, little ones but lots of them.

Feria in center of townMore FeriaI went to the center of town on Saturday AM and there were lots of vendors in the area where the pickups to Pana usually leave from. Lots of people and assorted stuff for sale. Nothing you don’t see at any of the other fairs in the other pueblos but it was “ours”.

Along the waterfront road there have been booths — mostly selling pizza — for a week and some carnival rides waiting for the final setup. They closed the road Saturday noon and, apparently set up the rides. I didn’t bother heading down there as I wasn’t ready to eat pizza.

San Antonio Parade ISan Antonio Parade IIFinally, this afternoon the parade happened. They walked along the waterfront road and then doubled back on the road about 20 meters from Casa Colonial. Thus, I had to walk out the gate and walk 15 meters to snap these photos. It included music with two different marimbas being played as well as other instruments.

All in all, it seemed like everyone was having a lot of fun. A lot of the neighbors were out watching as well.

At the end of the parade this guy came over, took off his mask and asked me where I was from. We chatted a bit and then he put his mask back on and asked me to take his picture.

The friendly guySo, here it is.

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