San Lucas again

Santa MariaSunday shopping trips to San Lucas have become the norm. This week I went alone and Rocio stayed to be breakfast cook. This time I left earlier and got on the Santa Maria, a big boat that leaves at 0730 for San Lucas, then does cruises for the rest of the morning and returns from San Lucas to San Antonio at noon. It is a lot bigger than the typical boats. There was no discussion of prices, Q5 for everyone.

The photo at the left is of the Santa Maria in San Lucas. The boat in the foreground is the size of a typical one you would take between the two pueblos.

Mostly it was a grocery shopping trip. I had some stuff to buy in the hardware store that is open Sunday mornings but it wasn’t hope this Sunday. It did have a sign, however, that said if you urgently needed something you could call. First time I have ever seen a hardware store with an emergency number. 🙂

The food I bought was:Fresh fish

  • Coffee: Q11 for 200g bags
  • Large zapote for Q3
  • Tomatos for Q4/lb
  • Strawberries for Q4/lb (seems to be the end of strawberry season as I only saw them in two places)
  • Fish filets (upper right basket) for Q13/lb.
  • Dried shrimp: 6 ounces for Q10
  • Huge bell peppers for Q3 each
  • Black corn tortillas at 4 for Q1
  • Avocados at Q2 each

After my previous success with Wrangler jeans for Q75 I went to buy another pair. Right before I got to the place where I had bought them another vendor asked what I was looking for. I told him. He brought out a pair and said Q110. Now, I hate to bargain so I just flatly said I paid Q75 two weeks ago in the next tienda and started to walk off. The price quickly became Q75.

The trip back on the 1030 boat was pretty crowded but uneventful. About 30 people in a boat for 24 plus probably six live chickens. But, as always, a fun trip. Back at Casa Colonial, the report was that breakfast went fine with another rave review for our not so secret oat bread.