Santa Catarina Road Disaster

One of the worst things about getting to San Antonio Palopó is having to pass through Santa Catarina. The road is really narrow in town basically one lane. Well, it got worse. They are now fixing the road and that is not a good thing for us.

This is a serious repair job where they have been closing the road to do work. This week it got worse as the road is completely closed as they put in new pipes. For my employee who lives in Pana that means he takes a pickup to Santa Catarina, then walks about a kilometer and then catches a pickup to San Antonio. Honestly, if you don’t need to be here, wait until things get better.

Road from Agua EscondidaFor those who do need to be here, there is an alternative. Let me explain.There is a road, for some value of the word road, from Agua Escondida to San Antonio Palopó. It has recently been “fixed up” such that many vehicles will be able to make the trip. The photo shows what it typically looks like now (with my car fender in the photo as it was steep enough that the emergency brake would not hold the car in place.

It is only four kilometers but with significant elevation change. The really touch spots have concrete pavement but most of it is dirt and rock. After the repair work ground clearance is generally not an issue. It has more to do with traction on the surface.

If you are driving, the turnoff is on the road between Panajachel and San Lucas, a few kilometers after Godinez. There is a sign but you will not see if if you are traveling toward San Lucas. . Google Maps can help.

If you are traveling by bus from Guatemala City, go to Godinez. From there there are pickups that will take you to San Antonio. You want to get off where the real pavement starts — a common stop for locals. Note that I have been told that the last pickup leaves Godinez at 1PM.

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  1. The current rumor is that the road will be “done” for some value of done by 25 November for the Santa Catarina Festival. But, some have said it will be open to the Church but not connected to the road to San Antonio by then.

    It is apparently open to motorcycles right now but you end up crossing a soccer field.

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