Sunday Market in San Lucas

San Lucas marketSan Lucas is a 25 minute boat trip from San Antonio. At Q10 (Q5 for locals) it is a pretty trip but, on Sunday morning it can be a good market trip. A whole bunch of streets are closed to vehicles and become a huge public market. I don’t know how many blocks yet but at least a dozen, probably more.

If you are heading there, it is best to get there fairly early. There is a launch that leaves from the main dock at 0800. It should stop at the dock just below Casa Colonial if you wave/have a yellow flag but you take the chance of being the last person on a very full boat.

Once you get to San Lucas, walk to the street that runs along the waterfront park and turn right. At the next corner, turn left and walk up the hill. It’s about six blocks (the central park will be on your left) and then the market will be in all the streets to your right. You could take as little or as much time as you want. I find that within an hour my backpack weighs too much and I am ready to head down the hill. Note that there is a launch back to San Antonio at 1030 and a big one at 1200.

KittensWhat will you find there? Most anything. My trip was for food but you find jeans, radios, kittens, underwear and more. And, a lot of live food — chickens. Here are the main things I bought:

  • Coffee: 200g bags of the brand I always buy. The cheapest price I have found in Panajachel is Q12. Q11 in San Lucas.
  • A dozen rambutans (wikipedia might help) which are sorta like a lychee) for Q6.
  • A dozen oranges for Q6.
  • Two pounds of marlin for Q25. Really!
  • Black corn tortillas: 4 for Q1.

The marlin was the surprise. The girls selling the fish were sitting on the ground and it was noisy. I asked what kind of fish it was, pointing at huge filets over ice. She didn’t understand. I woman next to me said “marlin”. I asked what it cost and I thought she said Q30 which is cheap as it would be Q40 in Panajachel. I told her I wanted two pounds and gave her Q100. She kept counting out change. I was confused. I asked again. It was Q12.5 per pound. Fresh marlin for less than $2/lb? OK, guess what I am having for lunch.

San Antonio men's shirtWalking down the street towards the park I stopped to talk to Pablo, the albañil who is going to build my workshop. (I had seen him on the way up the hill not recognizing him. He called out Felipe but a mason sitting in front of a tienda of locally made cloth items was a bit out of context.) I jokingly made a comment that I should buy a traditional shirt like the blue guipiles that almost all the women wear in San Antonio. Well, he brought out one for a man. He claims people in San Antonio wear them but I have never seen one before. Now I need to think of the politics of a Gringo wearing one in town.

On the way back I took a bunch of photos from the boat including where Casa Colonial is when you look at it from the lake. I stayed on the boat back to the main dock rather than asking them to stop at the dock here. I wanted more photos plus I felt I would rather walk up hill for 1km than walk about too meters on stairs that gain 100 meters of altitude.

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  1. Plus, I imagine the Marlin, being closer to the coast there, might be fresher in San Lucas, if anything! Great trip!

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