Marlen’s First Bread

Yeah, out of the bread machine but made by Marlen. Each day I am passing more responsibility to her. For example, today she cooked breakfast for the guests (and for me as well). Maybe I will retire someday. 🙂

Free Waffle Day Was a Success

Today we gave away waffles to anyone who wanted them. I had told a few people about it plus we put up a “Waffles Gratis” sign next to our door. That meant waffles, syrup including home made blackberry and strawberry, coffee and frescos. I didn’t take any photos because many consider it an invasion of […]

Dinners at Casas de Rocio

Being a Bed and Breakfast, people expect breakfasts and we have always offered them. But, San Antonio Palopó is an indigenous bedroom community and there are few options for other meals. After a few requests, we decided to add some dinner options. Based on recent guest feedback, we seem to be on the right track. […]

Guacamole Time

About once a week Dino brings in a bunch of avocados from our Haas tree in the front year. This week he brought in about 20 avocados and there were about 10 left from last week. We had looked into making guacamole and freezing it. The word was that it should be fine so clearly […]

Lemons or Waffles?

I just went up to water the garden (not much growing there but we are about to fix that) and I decided to grab a few lemons. We have three lemon trees but one produces “industrial-sized” lemons. The photo is of the biggest one today but there were a lot close to that size which […]