An “American” Breakfast

I recently had a guest say they wanted an “American” breakfast. Let’s ignore for a minute that Guatemala is in “America” and assume what was intended was a “USAno breakfast”. I mostly lived on the west coast of the US but traveled to the midwest, the south and the northeast. So, I started thinking about […]

Good Local Shopping Day

I was going to walk to the center of San Antonio to buy a couple of plumbing fittings but Rocio started with a list of things she wanted. So, we went together. I wasn’t expecting to find any interesting food but we did. And, more important, we found more places to buy things. Purchases included […]

Sunday Market in San Lucas

San Lucas is a 25 minute boat trip from San Antonio. At Q10 (Q5 for locals) it is a pretty trip but, on Sunday morning it can be a good market trip. A whole bunch of streets are closed to vehicles and become a huge public market. I don’t know how many blocks yet but […]