Jocote Time

The jocotes are ripe. This is the first batch that Dino brought down from the trees. This time there appear to be more that the birds can eat. Let me explain. We have lots of fruit trees including apple, fig, mango, nispero, peach, guava, avocado, orange and lemon. The birds get most of the figs […]

Mojito time?

If you are not familiar with the tropics, you may expect all fruit to be ripe at the same time. Well, that is just not the case. But, there is a lot of stuff that is ripe now. While hard to see because they are currently the same color as the leaves, this is a […]

Eating “Chicos”

When we were in San Lucas a woman was selling Zapotes which I love but seldom buy because I love a little and they are big fruit. But, she also had another fruit that was the size of a golf ball but with the same color skin as a Zapote. I asked what it was […]