This area is pretty animal friendly. On the “animal as a pet” end, dogs are by far the winner and on the “animal as dinner” end, chicken is the winner. Additional pets include cats, rabbits, birds, mice and tropical fish. Additional dinner options have a lot of overlap with tropical fish and rabbits on that list.


They are everywhere. Some are one-owner pets but many roam the streets. Some of the more creative ones either have a business to hang out in during the day or visit restaurants but really do have a stable home. Virtually all of them are peaceful where the only fights you see are issues of territory with other dogs.

This doen’t mean you should rush over to every street dog and try to pet them. Some have been abused and aren’t fond of humans. That doesn’t make them agressive but pushing your presence on them can result in a fear reaction. If you are used to dogs there won’t be any surprises.


The most popular meat you find in the area is chicken. (I put meat in italics because here you will see meat as a synonym for beef. Thus, if you are vegetarian you need to say you are — Soy vegetariano. — rather than asking for “Comida sin carne”. That second option will likely get you chicken or possibly pig.)

Many people raise chickens in their yard. That gives them an egg supply and a supply of chicken meat. Small restaurants may be serving you something local but chains and bigger restaurants are likely to be serving the typical factory chicken.

Wild Animals

Don’t expect a lion in your yard. What I am talking about here are little guys such as birds and squirrels. There are lots of them and, well, they usually expect you to share what you have growing with them.

For me, the biggest problem I have is that my dog goes crazy when there is a squirrel in the palm tree or on top of the wall around the lot. The squirrel doesn’t seem to do anything wrong but the dog barking can get annoying.

Birds will eat the stale tortillas and/or bread I toss in the yard. If there aren’t any tortillas the larger ones will steal dog food. Usually not a problem but occasionally my dog gets mad and chases them, sometimes making a successful kill.