Panajachel Restaurant Suggestions

This page is not intended to be comprehensive and we welcome suggestions. What it will do is tell you about places where we eat.

Hana Japanese Restaurant

Located in Panajachel on Calle 14 Febrero interior de Casa Cakchiquel just a few meters off Calle Santander. Favorite restaurant of my daughter and myself. See their web page for details including photos of the food and prices. Free WiFi. Free delivery.

Ricosolli’s Pizza

The best breakfast in Panajachel (and maybe the shortest waitress, Rosita). They have other good food throughout the day but a breakfast from there for Q20 can’t be beat. And, yes, pizza is one of the things — cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven. On Calle Santander next to Panarock Cafe.

Chero’s Bar and Pupusaria

On the “complicated” corner where Santander, Principal and Arboles come together, next to Banco G y T. A pupusa is sorta like a stuffed tortilla but that description doesn’t do it justice. Minimum order is two at Q10 each. Lots of choices, about half of them vegetarian. Chero is a word for friend in El Salvador. Most people call the owner Chero. Call him Ricardo and surprise him.