San Antonio

Just visitingAs Casa Colonial is in San Antonio and there is little written on-line about it, we have created a whole San Antonio section. Expect it to grow. If you have specific questions, let us know.

The short story is that it is very much an indigenous community. There are thousands of people here and most wear indigenous dress. Growing onions seems to be the most common “business”. There are various places producing cloth and clothing as well as a ceramics factory.

Most of our guests have commented on how friendly everyone is here. For me, it feels like a real community and I am accepted for who I am and how I participate in the community. I have never felt like “the gringo” rather than just a person of the community.

Those sub-menu items are:

This morning I went to the Centro de Salud to ask about emergency numbers. This is for any emergency medical attention or an ambulance. I am reasonably sure they only speak Spanish.

The numbers are 3050 5903 and 4291 2861.