Between The Center and Casa Colonial

The pickups from Panajachel end their trip in the center of San Antonio, in front of the public market. Casa Colonial is beyond the end of the line between 500 meters and 1 km, depending on your transport method. If you encounter a Tuk Tuk, the trip will take you down a hill and back up and costs Q3 per person. But, this page is primarily about walking between the two places.

[This page is far from complete. We will be adding a lot of photos to help you decipher the words.]

While you can walk down the hill and back up on the path a Tuk Tuk would take, the longer walking route is much easier because there is little elevation change. First, here are the instructions from the center to Casa Colonial.

  • In front of the public marketLeaving the market areaContinue through the area in front of the market in the direction the pickup was traveling. After a couple of tiendas on your left and before you start down the hill there is paved path to the left going up a bit. Take it.
  • After passing a tienda on the right you will see some irregular stairs to the right. Walk up the stairs and comtinue. You will have to turn right and then left around a blue building.
  • Continue in front of that building and the dirt area beyond it. At the end of that area, turn left.
  • You will walk past a tienda on the left and have to turn right. The path at this point is adaquines (paving blocks) and goes up a bit. Continue.
  • Bridge on pathThe paved path will go over a brigde (to the right) and continue along the edge of a ravine. The pavement ends but continue.
  • The path turns to the left and will continue past a couple tiendas eventually coming to a paved but narrow road. Comtinue.
  • The narrow road will connect with the main road to Agua Escondida. You are almost here.
  • CC from streetCasa Colonial is about 20 meters on the left.




If you are starting at Casa Colonial you obviously do just the opposite but the clues for the decisions are a bit different.

  • Exit Casa Colonial and turn right.
  • When you come to the Y of the main road and the narrow one, take the right fork (the narrow one).
  • img_1949You will come to another Y — this time the paved road is on the left and goes down a hill. Take the right fork which is dirt.
  • Follow the dirt path. It takes you to the ravine and becomes paved. Continue over the bridge and along the paved path.
  • Left at the bananasYou will come to a Y. Both sides are paved and there are some banana trees growing there. Take the left fork.
  • When you come to the end of the direct route, turn left. In about 10 meters you will need to turn right, walk on the dirt and then around the blue building.
  • At the end of the blue building you turn left (no other choice) and you will come to the stairs. Go down the stairs and turn left.
  • In about 10 meters you will be at the central plaza area. The public market and pickup stop is to your right.