San Antonio Shoreline Road

If you come into San Antonio from Panajachel in a pickup you end up in front of the public market. This is the high road but there is a second road. It becomes the road to Agua Escondida and is the road that Casa Colonial is on. This page takes you on a trip along that road.

Beach or CenterThe action starts when you enter San Antonio. You will see the sign at the left. The pickups take the left fork up the hill. This page takes you along the right fork. It heads down a bit, takes you past a few businesses including a hardware store, jogs at the soccer field , past the dock and main beach and then heads up the hill toward Casa Colonial.

Cloth, clothing, ...img_2356Along the first section of the road you will see two cantinas and a few shops selling locally-made clothing. They are all on your left. S.A. CantinaHardware Storeimg_2353Then, on your right, you will see a hardware store.

Next there is a jog to the right in the road in front of the soccer field. At this point there are quite a few things to take in.

  1. Centro de SaludTo your left is the Centro de Salud. This is a government-run free health center. Free means free to everyone. Don’t expect rocket science care but they do deal with ordinary issues. There is also usually an ambulance there and for something more serious they will take you to the public hospital in Sololá. Once again, all free.
  2. Ramps and stairs run by the Centro de Salud and up to the public market (where the pickups to/from Panajachel end their run).
  3. Guate busNext to the soccer field is where the regular buses start/end their runs.
  4. Comedor San FranciscoBehind the soccer field on the beach side is Comedor San Francisco. Open from about 8AM to about 8PM, they serve local typical food.
  5. CharlysIn front of the soccer field on the beach side is Charly’s Ceviche. The only thing on the menu is ceviche in sizes from Q20 to Q35.
  6. Public docksBehind Charly’s are the public docks. This is where you catch boats to San Lucas and can also ask about private boats to other places.
  7. Across the street is Hotel Nuestro Sueño. They have a restaurant that is relatively expensive but quite good.

Washing along the shorePublic beachAs you continue up the road the public beach is on your right. You will see people swimming and women in traditional dress washing their clothes. There is a nice grassy area above the water where you can just hang out.

Ceramics salesA couple of hundred meters you will see the sales shop for the ceramics made here. There is then a brief patch of unpaved road. This was damaged in a hurricane a few years. Apparently that was a really deep hole cut in the road. It is filled in but not paved.

Ceramics shopAs you head up the hill you will pass where the ceramics are made (on the right).

Lake viewOn the road up the hill there are some nice lake views.

img_2554This is Casa Colonial. The building above the garage is my workshop/bodega. The B&B is 20 or so meters above and behind with the view over the workshop. Added since the photo is a light over the porton and an electronic key entry system.

The pavement ends right in front of Casa Colonial but the road continues winding up a hill for four kilometers until you arrive at Agua Escondida. Not a significant town but you can get off a pickup between Godines and San Lucas and catch a pickup down to San Antonio (rumor is the last one is at 1300) or walk down the hill.