The end of October

October is almost over but we have still had some rain. Clear mornings and a bit of rain in the late afternoon or at night. Not a bad thing as it keeps things green a bit longer.

I have been chief cook and bottle washer for some guests for the last week. I have varied the breakfasts a bit but tomorrow is the big experiment: I will attempt to make platanos rellenos for the first time. So far I am 2-0, they liked the gallo pinto and the bread I made so I figure I can afford to take a chance.

The biggest thing I have learned is how little you can buy in San Antonio. Yes, you can “eat” but creative is not on the agenda. For example, two days ago I bought one of the three papayas at the public market and, after a lot of searching, I found milk that wasn’t a powder. Today I took a pickup to Panajachel to buy exotic items including avocados, strawberries, cheese, butter, yeast, yogurt and wine.

One of the things really missing here is noise. The environment encourages you to just sit on the terrace and watch the lake. “Noise” means  the firewood truck beeping its horn. That’s about it. If you are looking for action (or women not dressed in traditional blue), this is not the destination you want.