The Good, the Crazy and the Good

Good Friday in Front of CCThis is my first Semana Santa in Casa Colonial. So, I was not aware of how things work here. The short story is that the streets in San Antonio are closed on Good Friday and decorated. The photo on the left is in front of Casa Colonial. More Good FridayThe other photo is a bit down the street.

OK, it’s sorta cool and they are doing this in all the streets in San Antonio. But, we have guests coming and going. Or, we are supposed to. One couple were on Motorcycle and managed to get out. One other couple got trapped here. They have a car — a “city” car that could not make it up the dirt road to Agua Escondida. We also have one guest who parked their car at the entrance to town and walked here. There is one more that will, eventually get here. Too bad no one told me about this Friday “event”.

The good news for the couple who is trapped is that we have a room that isn’t really ready for guests but it has a bed and a toilet and we offered to let them stay here. They are happy as the alternative would be to leave at 10PM and drive to Guatemala City.

Now, tomorrow morning I am leaving for Guatemala City. My plan was to leave on a bus at 7:20AM. But, in return for their room they have offered to take me to Guatemala City. So, all has worked out for everyone. Well, everyone except Rocio who has to cook breakfast for 11 tomorrow morning. 🙂

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  1. Baptism by fire for Rocio! Alone and cooking for 11? I think this is all pretty darn cool! The decorations are so… ORGANIC, too. Would love to be there!

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