The New Roof

ScaffoldingWell, you can’t really see any difference but it no longer rains inside the terraza and along the back of the house. While the house proper has laminas under the tiles, the terrace and back side did not. Thus, there were leaks.

The workers removed the tiles and put in the laminas. On the back (where you can see the roof) they then put the tiles over it so it appears the same. Above the terrace you can only see that part of the roof from an airplane so no tiles were put back. (Need some used tiles — we have a lot.) In the photo at the left you can see the scaffolding and also one of the workers is holding one of the laminas that is being put on.

Roof "junk"In the process that was a lot of “junk” that had accumulated. This photo is only a small part of it. So, our new roof is also a lot lighter.

Just a legAll the work took about two weeks with a crew of three. There were some amusing events but a minimum of interruption of operation.

Dino also installed more lights and a dimmer on the terrace so you can hang out on the terrace in the evening and still see well enough inside to find your beer.

Dino is now filling in the space above the walls and below the new laminas. And we run is some “polyducto” (it’s basically flexible pipe for electricity) so we can add some electrical outlets in upcoming electrical upgrade.

In other words, work is progressing well.