Today’s San Lucas Adventure

For some this would be a mis-adventure but, for us it was an adventure and a learning experience. If this doesn’t sound like fun for you, verify the schedule of boats and pickups before you leave as there are actually very few on non-market days. (We will update the San Antonio Transportation page to offer a bit of help.)

Our plan was to go to San Lucas on a non-market day to see what we could buy in the regular stores there. We know Panajachel well but San Lucas is about twice as big so we figured it was worth a try. We left the house at 0740 to catch the 8AM boat. No problem but our first error was not to ask when there were return trips today.

in EsmiraldaWe get to San Lucas at about 0830 and walk up to the park. There is a restaurant there I wanted to try, Esmiralda’s, so we went there for breakfast. It was good and with realistic prices — Q25 for a typical breakfast with coffee (or orange juice) and Q35 for a ranchero with some sort of dead animal (Rocio’s choice). We then went looking for things on our list. That included some food items, pharmacy, hardware store trip, buy sheets and some other stuff.

We were relatively successful and, probably more important, we learned a lot about what is in San Lucas. Then we headed back to the lake. I knew there were boats to San Antonio at 1030 and 1200 on Sundays. We got to the lake at about 1100 and found out there was no 1200 boat. We were told there was a 1300 boat but eventually found out that there really wasn’t — the next boat wasn’t until 1600. Oops. (Plan B would have been to catch a boat to Pana and then take a pickup from there to here. But, we didn’t.)

We walked back to Esmiralda’s and ate lunch (which, to me was less wonderful — mostly because things were overcooked). We had decided to find out about pickups back to San Antonio. Well, no such animal but I knew there were pickups from Agua Escondida as they pass by Casa Colonial. So, we caught a pickup to Godines with the plan of getting off at Agua Escondida. But, chatting with another person on the pickup he said that the last pickup from Agua Escondida to San Antonio was at 1300. Oops again.

View from the road to Agua EscondidaRocio suggested we just continue to Pana. I suggested we walk from Agua Escondida to Casa Colonial. She wasn’t excited by my plan but I won out and we started our four kilometer walk. It’s almost all down hill but the first part is “very down hill”. But, with some great views of the lake.

20151210_154103Once we were almost back Rocio admitted it was actually a “good adventure” and we got back before we would have if we had taken the 1600 boat. My back had been hurting and it actually is much better now than it was in the morning so I am happy. I’m not sure if Rocio is happy but I do know she is tired as she collapsed on her bed about two hours ago. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Today’s San Lucas Adventure

  1. One thing I left out were the costs of transport.
    First, on the boat the “usual price” is Q5 for locals, Q10 for others. Clearly not skin color as I learned this difference from Andreas and his Cuban wife is pretty dark. I have handed the pilot Q10 (not expecting change) and he has said “cabal” meaning “we are square”.
    On this trip, Rocio asked me for Q10 to “pay for us”. Now, she in no way looks like a local — too tall, too thin, wrong clothes. But, getting off the boat she hands the guy Q10 and says “para dos”. No problem. Thus, boat trip to San Lucas: Q10 for two.
    Our only other transportation expense was the pickup from San Lucas to Agua Escondida. Q8 for the two of us.
    If there is an important point here, it is that public transport is cheap. It is what locals use so it has to be. For example, a TukTuk ride to anywhere in San Antonio is Q3 and there is public transport available to almost anywhere at, in general, regular intervals. So, if you are “off for an adventure”, bring a few extra Quetzales with you and just go with the flow. It tends to all work out.

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