What’s New in April?

The first thing is rain. Not a lot but a nice change that will get the hills green again. I love the rain. Rocio loves the rain. And, lots of travelers love the rain.Rain here tends to be part of the day, still warm and downright nice.

Next, I finally replaced the defunct web camera. Go to http://casasderocio.com/about-us/live-cam and take a look. A tiny version of the latest image is displayed. Click on it for a full-sized one.

We are starting some construction. First, something practical — a storage room above the laundry area for towels, sheets, cleaning supplies and such. It will have a toilet as well — bringing a toilet accessible to everyone directly off the terrace.

We have a hot tub in the planning stage. (It has been on hold as Rocio was negotiating with the neighbor for more land but that fell through.) It will be behind the house up the hill enough to have amazing views. There will be a patio area as well. The whole area will have a roof made of PV solar panels. Like I did in Panajachel, we will sell electricity back to the utility when we produce more than we need. Thus, we will have an electrically heated hot tub with, if my calculations are right, a zero electric bill.

No dates yet for completion of the work but it will happen.