Why San Antonio Palopó?

Amazing SunsetThere are lots of reasons to stay here (or, in my case, live here) but what you see in the photo is clearly a big one. I wasn’t looking for a photo opportunity. I was actually just walking down the terraza to close the door at the end and realized there was a “Kodak moment” as we used to say.

San Antonio is on the East side of the lake. In the morning you see the sun light up the mountains across the lake and then cross the lake. But, in the evening the amazing sunsets are where that morning sun started your day. While the location of the sunset moves with the season, it is always in clear view from the terraza.

While you could see this from up in the center of town, Casa Colonial Atitlan is the only hotel in town that is well above the lake. So, a better view. We are also away from the noise and traffic in the center of town. In fact, more boats go by than vehicles.