Words from the street

While Casa Colonial sits about 30 meters above the street behind some trees, there are things that happen in the street that you will hear. Sometimes it is easy to understand, sometimes you will have no clue.

I was inspired to make this post because of “the chatarra man”. I am sure he is in a vehicle because of what he is doing and the PA system but, it clearly is a man.

So, what’s chatarra? Simple, scrap metal. But, even without a dictionary, you could figure it out. He is offering an extensive list: refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washers, bicycles, carts, car batteries, motorcycle batteries, … And he is even saying he will buy it.

So, what else do you hear from the street:

  • Movistar and Claro trying to sell you cellular phones (which is why I have a TIGO phone)
  • Firewood but they don’t speak, just blow the horn
  • The Pepsi truck. You just hear them unloading the hand trucks to deliver to the little tiendas nearby.

And that’s about it. The rumor is that one day the firewood truck (camion de leña) came by at 3AM beeping. It received some serious negative feedback and that never happened again.