Working from the terrace

While I regularly look at the lake (hard to avoid), this morning at 6AM I decide to take my laptop and coffee out on the terrace to do my morning e-mail catch-up. I now know I need to do this regularly.

Casa Colonial is located on the East side of the lake and the property goes up a hill. Thus, as the sun comes up, first the volcanos and mountains on the other side of the lake start to get illuminated. The sun moves down the mountains and they starts to cross the lake. What this means is that the view at 0615 can be very different from the view at 0620.

If there are clouds, they tend to be rings around a volcano or two. Thus, you see the top of the volcano and the lake but part of the volcano is obscured by clouds.

The other thing is that while we have an amazing view of the lake, being up above it with our trees in the yard, you see the morning invasion of birds — still looking in the same direction. And even the lake surface is active because of the water entering it including from the thermals nearby.

I have just added “take a set of early morning photos, including of the villages across the lake and add a page to the site” to my list of tasks.