Yes, the road is open

I just had a future guest ask if you could get here by road and realized I needed to update the road status.

The short answer is, yes, all roads open.

They are still doing some work within the town of Santa Catarina Palopó but the road is open. For example, this week they have been putting in curbs. But there are no more closures.

A crew has also patched a lot of bad spots between Santa Catarina and San Antonio. This was a new crew patching it correctly vs. the folks with cement patching asphalt which just doesn’t work. The road is not perfect but in pretty good shape.

If you are driving from Guatemala City, the Pan American Highway is in good shape and four lanes except through Chimaltenango. The road from the Pan Am to Sololá has just been resurfaced and the road from Sololá to Panajachel was resurfaced about six years ago.

All that said, I still recommend not bringing a car. There is zero reason for one in San Antonio and lots of transit options to other places — mostly limited by daylight hours. Public transit is cheap. For example,  Q5 per person to Panajachel, Q10 per person by boat to San Lucas.